this week’s highlights

Saturday / Maybe it’s because it has been several months since we’ve been to Europe, or maybe not. But whatever the reason is, lately I’ve been waking up craving that European lifestyle. The simplicity, the walking, the ease. Yep, pretty much every last bit of it. So in a bid to put my travel blues to rest, I’ve been making a point to start my day with a walk. The fresh air and the movement almost makes me feel like I am off somewhere else, walking to a little coffee shop for my morning cappuccino and pastry. And in other news, I’m thinking that it’s time to start planning a trip. . .

Sunday / Today was a little bit of a lazy Sunday. We walked, we cleaned, we churched, we farmers marketed, and then we brunched. We swung by one of our favorite spots in Little Italy, Frost Me, for their most delicious smoked salmon tartine. It is partly a treat because of all of the delicious toppings. And then it’s also partly a treat because of the absolutely to-die-for sourdough bread that it is made with from Prager Brothers.

Monday / So our oven is still broken. And really that does not limit us that much at all when it comes to cooking. But for whatever reason, we have kind of used the broken oven as an excuse to eat grilled pizza almost every other night. Yes, our stove and burners are completely functioning and perfect. But why mess with a good thing? (And just in case you’re curious, tonight’s pizza was half 50th State and half barbecue chicken.)

Tuesday / When it comes to my Italian studies, well, they’ve basically been nonexistent for a long time now. Believe it or not, I really haven’t done much of anything for the past couple of years. But I’m back. New Year, new me! This is the year that I am taking my Italian to the next level. And this is the year that Ryan and I start speaking Italian to each other. (All. The. Time.) So I’m back to studying on my own almost daily, and I am gearing up for my mini grammar course at our Italian Cultural Center. Even better Italian fluency, here I come!

Wednesday / Supposedly it is going to rain today. But since we didn’t wake up to any rain (and barely any clouds to speak of), I took myself over to Mission Bay for a delightfully blustery and chilly stroll. I think that when you are used to having that crisp, cool air as your normal, you don’t really think twice about it. But when it’s not your normal, it is quite the treat.

Thursday / Tonight I took the hubby out to one of our favorite Mexican spots for a little happy hour date of melted cheese, melted cheese, and some more melted cheese. As much as we like to be adventurous, we also love being creatures of habit. And when we go to Huapangos, we are always creatures of habit – chicken nachos and queso fundido por favor!

Friday / It’s a new year, a new decade, and I am definitely feeling that new energy. Call it being dialed in, or maybe even intuition, but lately I’ve been having this feeling that this year is going to bring a lot of changes our way. And so as I walked the beach this morning and felt that golden sunshine pour onto my face, my heart felt equal parts excited and just a little bit apprehensive. Adventures await us, and I am sort of mostly ready ?

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  1. Those nachos look crazy delicious!

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