I’m a Little Bit Country

our typical early morning beach walk view As much as I feel like I’m a city girl through and through, and even though we will most likely always live in a big city because of the nature of Ryan’s work, I’m definitely a little bit country too. I’m not sure if what I grew up […]

Support Local

clayton’s coffee shop / coronado The days have bled into weeks, and while I know that we are all manifesting the world to return to “normal” sooner than later, well. . .here we are. In a few ways life still feels kind of the same for me. I still work from home, I still binge […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / Maybe it’s because it has been several months since we’ve been to Europe, or maybe not. But whatever the reason is, lately I’ve been waking up craving that European lifestyle. The simplicity, the walking, the ease. Yep, pretty much every last bit of it. So in a bid to put my travel blues […]