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Saturday / Oh the things that you do for love. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things that we do for our nieces and nephews. But believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the past few weeks I have been putting together a little “goody” bag for my sister’s kids for Thanksgiving, and it really seemed like I had everything. . .except for a Fall or Thanksgiving themed bag. And yes, it would be perfectly fine without one. But as I’ve touched on recently, I am a bit gift-wrapping obsessed, and definitely a detail oriented person. So when we couldn’t find one, well, I just decided that we would make one ourselves. And no complaints here, because it turns out that we both still love coloring!

Sunday / The heat finally broke (thanks be to God!), and so today felt like the perfect day to carve our pumpkins. Historically speaking, Ryan’s pumpkin always turns out a bit concerned looking, and I am always delighted to see him carry on the tradition!

Monday / So we didn’t get around to roasting our pumpkin seeds last night. After a busy week and weekend, we were both a bit more interested in our wine and the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. But tonight Ryan took head chef role in cleaning, prepping and seasoning our seeds. And they turned out absolutely delicious! We always do some tossed with Lawry’s Seasonsed Salt, just like I had growing up. And then we have also grown very fond of brown sugar and cinnamon, and pizza.

Tuesday / I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it’s really the small things in life. We got a note from some friends offering us some freshly picked pomegranates, and it both put a little extra sunshine in our day, and a little extra pep in our step!

Wednesday / According to me, it’s basically not Fall unless you have yourself a freshly made pan of Scotcharoos. I mean, just look at them. . .chocolately, crunchy, gooey, peanut buttery. . .these babies are seriously addictive. I posted the recipe a few years ago, and I’d love for you to take a peek. But heed this warning. . .there is no such thing as “just one” Scotcharoo!

Thursday / As of today I am officially back in Boston, and officially out of the office. Well not completely (because I will still be doing some work while we are away), but I am making a point to spend more time mentally “vacating” on this trip. So just give me a few days, and I’ll happily share all of the shenanigans that we have been up to! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh those Scotcharoos look absolutely amazing! I’d probably eat the entire pan!

    1. Thank you so much Alice! And yes, we easily do eat the whole pan…because they really are that good!!

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