Bonsoir Paris

Arriving in Paris instantly felt like a dream come true.  Truthfully, I had been dreaming about visiting Paris in the Fall for years, and finally, it was here.  I had this picture in my mind of what it would look like – the glittering lights, the falling leaves, the beautiful buildings, the food, the wine – I probably had somewhat of an “out of the movies” idea.  But Paris did not disappoint, in fact, it felt even more magical than we could have imagined.

We arrived in Paris just as it turned dark, and after getting settled into our apartment for the week, we were absolutely bursting at the seams to get out, get some fresh air and savor Paris.

We walked from our apartment down to the Seine River and just wandered along.  The sun had long set, but the city was alive, it truly was sparkling.  The weather was pretty much the Fall weather that I have been dreaming about for weeks now, and that smell of fresh fallen leaves?  There is truly nothing like it.

We were both beaming.  Paris in the Fall, with mon amour?  This was going to be a great week.