Happy Monday and Happy February everyone!  It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into 2016.  Since my New Year’s goals somehow immediately fell by the wayside (haha), there’s no better day to refresh myself than today!

Today marks the start of a fun exercise in mindfulness and living your best life.  Last year I participated in Complaint Restraint for the first time, and it was a really positive experience for me (and for my hubby who I mildly forced into participating as well*). 

*I signed him up (sorry honey!)

It is a completely simple concept –  just try not to complain so much.  To be honest, I didn’t think of myself as the kind of person who complained a lot, but participating in this last year made me very aware of how quickly and easily it was for me to say things like “well, that sucked” or “could they drive any slower?!?”

This is really just a great way to try and find the positive spin on a situation, to not see the glass half empty, but half full.

“Complaining is great.  We all need to vent from time to time.  But many of us also overdo it.  Sometimes.  In this month, you can see life from a more positive side – and learn about yourself, one complaint at a time.”

– Complaint Restraint

I hope that you’ll all join me in this experiment – heck, what’s the worst that could happen?  You could probably just complain that nothing changed during your month of restraint ;)

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  1. This is so inspiring, thanks for posting!



    1. Thanks Dylana!

  2. Great post! Love that quote!
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    1. Thanks for stopping by Trang!

  3. Love this. Really going to try and go by the rule of 0 complaining this month, it does make such a massive difference – and the longer you stick to it, the better it becomes! Have a lovely February :) Immy x


    1. So glad that you liked this Immy! Hope that your month goes well!

  4. Very inspiring!
    xx Elle

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  5. Sounds like a good thing to practice! I love these mindfulness and positive quotes. Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Glad that you enjoyed this! Hope that you have a great weekend Eden!

  6. This is just the post that I needed to read today :). I came across your blog and now I’m hooked! Hope you have a great day :)

    – Taylor

    1. Thanks Taylor! I hope that you have a great day too!

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