Last Sips of Italy

As my trip was quickly coming to an end (insert sad face here), I had a lot planned for my last few days.  A quick stop in Positano, followed by my return to Rome to catch my flight home.  How had the time passed by so quickly?  I’m not quite sure.  But I did make sure to savor every moment that I had left, and live up my last few days of la dolce vita.


I had been looking forward to Positano my whole trip.  It was the one place in the world that my Grandma had said she would travel to “with only a change of underwear.”  Being in a place that was so magical and meant so much to her, really made me feel close to her.  I felt like I was walking in her footsteps, exploring and falling in love with Positano, just as she had.


After arriving by boat from Capri, I was quick to discover that aside from Positano’s beauty, it is known for something else as well…stairs.  I kept thinking to myself, “Grandma, your favorite place in the world has 1700 stairs to reach the top?!?”  The good thing for me is that I love stairs.  Not!  Well anyways, I figured that if my Grandma could do it, so could I.  (Plus I had no other option to reach my hotel.)


I can see why my Grandma fell in love with Positano.  It’s a beautifully painted town with windy store-filled streets, ceramics, fruit stands, beautiful restaurants and the sparkling sea; it’s really quite romantic.

Aside from wandering and exploring, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my time, at Da Adolfo.


catch the boat with the little red fish and be whisked away for the day


lunch first


fresh peach soaked wine & carpaccio




the view from my lounger


after an amazing lunch, I spent hours soaking in the sun and swimming


feeling sad on my boat ride home, I could have stayed forever

So, how was Da Adolfo?  Being a place that gets a lot of hype, I was a little worried after my lackluster experience at La Fontelina.  Fellow blogger Rosie even claims that this is her favorite restaurant in the world.  My experience?  The reviews are spot on.  It was without a doubt one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  The food was the best I had in Italy, and the private beach, loungers and peach wine?!?  Take me back now!


At the end of any day in Positano, it is pretty much required that you find a spot to grab a drink and watch the magnificent sunset.  And in my opinion, the San Pietro Hotel is the place to do so.  Grab a seat on the terrace, order a spritz and enjoy the show.





the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen


I couldn’t stop taking pictures…I never wanted it to end


And just like that, it was time to say goodbye to Positano; or perhaps it was more of, until next time.

I voyaged back to Rome for one last relaxing night before jetting back to the States.  Evaristo had invited me to stay at his wonderful B&B Colfelice.

DSC00320 DSC00323


Evaristo warmly welcomed me to his carefully appointed property, which had so many personal touches (candies, snacks, wine, breakfast made to order).  He was extremely accommodating and helpful with my travels; and it didn’t hurt that it was also the most comfortable bed of my entire trip.


One last sleep, and then it was over.  How could one month go by so quickly?  I soaked in every last moment that I could.  Even during my ride to the airport, I tried to slow down time and take in every detail.  My Italian adventure was an amazing dream come true and I can’t wait for the next!  Ciao Italia!  Ci veddiamo!


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  1. Beautiful photos dear♥♥

    1. Thanks Summer!

  2. 1700 steps?! That is intense but awesome. Grabbing a drink & watching a stunning sunset sounds like a wonderful way to end the day. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. It was so much fun Carmen!

  3. Ah, this was an incredibly magical account of your time in Positano! I enjoyed reading it so much! The food and the views looked incredible. So glad Da Adolfo lived up to your expectations (and beyond). :)

    1. Thanks so much Kali! The pictures take me right back, wish I could be there right now!

  4. Awesome Photos!.. Based on the place and the photos i bet You had a great time.! :)

    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

    1. Thanks Rochelle! I did have a great time!

  5. This looks like heaven!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

    1. Thanks Heba!

  6. Great photos, looks like you had a wonderful time in Italy.

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