4 Replies to “Intentional Social Media Use”

  1. I love your photos, recipes, ideas…. though I am not a proponent of social media. More is just more… an interruption and sometimes even an annoyance. Co-vid has distanced us physically, social media distances personally. We can all be connected through detachment, yuk!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words LLH! And I agree, social media definitely seems to distance us, which is completely not the point. Or at least not what I’m looking for. Less detachment, and more connection for sure!

  2. I say you just follow your heart with what feels right for you. I loved following your Instagram posts, and I love following your blog posts, so either way I win!

    1. That is really so sweet of you to say Samantha, and it really means a lot for me to hear that! I’m still debating the whole thing…so I guess that only time will tell!!

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