Hotel Zum Turm

As soon as we arrived in Castelrotto, we immediately fell in love with the town’s charm.  So by the time we made it through the town and to the doorstep of our hotel, Zum Turm, we felt like we had arrived at the cutest little ski chalet meets gingerbread house.

Even before stepping into the hotel, we both got the feeling right away that we were about to walk into something very special, and we were spot on.

Hotel Zum Turm charmed our socks off with its adorable mix of old and new.  Our hotel room itself was a very large and comfortable modern style room with views to get you jumping out of bed each morning.  By contrast, the hotel’s common spaces were bursting with history and, well, as Ron Burgundy puts it, “rich mahogany.”  (I am not sure that it was actually rich mahogany, but you get the idea.)

the best part about waking up at Zum Turm

our beautiful view

the leisure room


there were so many details – the craftsmanship was really on a different level

We both loved exploring the hotel and finding new things to be amazed at each day.  Whether the detail of the wood carvings, the beautiful paintings, or the original photos featuring the hotel’s history, Zum Turm truly had endless character.

the dining room

And probably no surprise here, but we also really enjoyed the buffet breakfast that was included with our stay.  The spread was geared towards fueling you up for a day of hiking.  There were loads of nuts, fruits, protein options, a juicing machine, yogurts, and healthy breads; really something for everyone.

the hubby’s favorite – a granola bowl

But at night, things were a little bit more on the indulgent side.  The hotel restaurant featured an array of local meats, fish and pastas.  But of all of the things on offer, our favorite was one of the regional specialties, the apfelstrudel.

From start to finish, Hotel Zum Turm was a delight for us.  Moving on to our next destination always brings us a bit of mixed emotions – we are excited for our next adventure, but also sad to be leaving our adorable ski chalet and village.  Auf wiedersehen Castelrotto!

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  1. This hotel was one of the most charming hotels I’ve ever stayed in! I will always look back fondly on our Swiss chalet style room, pressing my own fresh orange juice at breakfast, and generally feeling like I was starring in the sequel to Frozen!

  2. What a charming hotel – the perfect mix of ‘old and new’.

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