Hiking the Alpe di Siusi

A few days ago we hiked the Alpe di Siusi, the largest high alpine meadow in Europe, and I am still in awe of our experience.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough (especially the altitude), but the rewards were the most beautiful views that we have ever seen.  I hope that you find these pictures as enjoyable as we did our experience.  It was truly something special.

the view from our cable car as we headed up to the meadow

picking out which trail to hike – we decided on the “witches’ benches”

funny story – the hubby started us off down the wrong path (#funnynotfunny)

officially heading in the right direction

just 25 minutes into our hike, the views were already breathtaking

there were three little “huts” along our hike where you could stop for a quick meal

on our way back down the mountain, we found a paved path which was much easier to follow

back to where we started

Each picture is so breathtaking and so beautiful, and yet the pictures still do not do justice to the beauty that we experienced in person.  If you are ever looking for an unforgettable adventure, visiting the Dolomites, staying in Castelrotto, and hiking through the Alpe di Siusi was without a doubt one of our greatest travel experiences.  (And just in case you are wondering, yes, we did yodel and sing ‘The Hills Are Alive.’)

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  1. You take such stunning pictures! It took me right back to our beautiful hike! Even when I took us 30 minutes in the wrong direction! I’ll put it in writing for the ages-I was wrong on that one, oops!

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