Going Back

It’s like I don’t remember the City being like this. Maybe it’s because we are so removed from it all now, or maybe it’s because I had just assumed that this would have always been our normal. Everything seemed so vibrantly green. There were cherry blossoms exploding with color at every corner. There were little gardens filled with clusters of bluebells and daffodils. And there were gorgeously large spreads of the most colorful tulips blanketing the City.

our very stylish and perfectly situated home away from home, the Hotel Monaco

The birds were chirping, and somehow it seemed like horn honking was at an all time low. Our cab driver ended our fare early because he took a wrong turn and didn’t want to charge us for it. People were holding doors open for us left and right, patiently waiting for us to finish taking our photos, and asking us how our day was going.

center city Philadelphia and the famed City Hall – all just blocks from where we had lived

Maybe because we had always lived in a four season climate and a big city, we had just taken all of this for granted? All of these Spring flowers, and blossoms floating through the air. Or that fresh, crisp morning air that is still cold enough that you know that Winter is just passing, but sweet enough that you can smell that Spring is moving in. Or the people, and their passion for just about everything and anything. . .but especially a WaWa coffee, a soft pretzel, a good hoagie, their sports teams, and running into a friend on the street. I mean, how could we have possibly forgotten how it felt to be there?

the complete charm and beauty that is Old City and Society Hill

We’ve lived in San Diego for almost nine years now. NINE years. Yes, nine years that have somehow flown by in the blink of an eye. But apparently (and sadly) it’s been just long enough that we had forgotten. Forgotten about all of those little quirks about the City. About what it feels like to live in a real downtown neighborhood (sorry San Diego). And about the magic that happens when the seasons change.

our favorite cheeseteak in the City from Pat’s / the charm of 9th Street

Maybe we just didn’t realize how good we had it when we lived there. Or maybe we were just so used to having it that good, that we sort of never thought that things would ever change. Either way, going back was truly soul lifting for us, and the breath of fresh air that we both needed. It warmed our hearts that not much had changed, but at the very same time, it seemed like everything had in the best possible way. Philadelphia truly welcomed us with open arms. But really, I wouldn’t have expected any less from the City of Brotherly Love.

Our return to Philadelphia was generously provided for us by Visit Philly, and was booked with their Overnight Hotel Package (which honestly was AMAZING and is a SUPER deal). No compensation was received in exchange for my writing. I voluntarily chose to share our travels with you, and as always have given you an honest account of our experiences.

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  1. Philly has so much heart, I always love trying to stop there when I’m nearby! And that cheese whiz, it’s 8 AM and I need that right now!

    1. I completely agree Will, Philadelphia is a great town, with a TON of heart <3 And yep...you and me both about the cheesesteak!!

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