First We Dream

A few weeks ago my Mom reminded me of the wise words shared by Carl Sandburg, “nothing happens unless first we dream.” And since that moment, I really haven’t been able to get his words out of my head. First we dream. First we dream.

I’ve always been a bit inclined to be a “goal setter” and “list creator” during this time of year. But things have really shifted for me. And it all started last year when I (for the very first time during my adult-ish life) chose not to write down a single goal for the New Year. Nope. Instead I thought about my intentions, and the feelings that I wanted to guide me. Because while goals are wonderful, for me, intentions are even better. But as Sandburg (and my Mom) have just reminded me, none of it would be possible without first a dream.

So while I have been collecting my thoughts and ideas (and even goals) for this New Year, really what I am doing is dreaming. I am dreaming about the story that I would like to write for myself this year. Because after all, we are all the author’s of our own lives, so we might as well dream first, and dream big.

Happiest New Year wishes to you all. And truly, may all of your dreams come true!

2 Replies to “First We Dream”

  1. This is a lovely thought to ring in the New Year!

    1. Thanks Emma! I hope that your New Year is off to a great start!!

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