My Year Ahead

In years past, the start of the New Year has often been a time for me to reflect, review. . .and then plan, plan, plan. And while I do really love the idea of creating a list of goals for the New Year, personally, I am finding myself in a different place this year.

The more that I read and learn about manifesting, the more that I am shifting my thoughts. I would much rather spend my energy affirming and expressing gratitude for my dreams and ideas in this very moment, than I would thinking about when they might happen.

So while I am most definitely being thoughtful about the year ahead (because let’s face it, I’m not throwing my extreme passion for planning out the window just yet), it is in a new light, and in a new mental space.












These are just a few thoughts that I have set as my focus for 2019. I know that this New Year will be filled with only the best, and already, I am so very excited, and so very, very grateful. Cheers!

2 Replies to “My Year Ahead”

  1. What an inspiring take on New Year’s goals, I love this idea!

    1. Thank you Will, I really appreciate the support :) I hope that you are having a great start to your 2019!

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