Easy Peasy Chicken Soup

If you’ve already whipped up a batch of my Homemade Chicken Stock, then making this Chicken Soup is so easy that you could practically do it in your sleep. Or with one arm tied behind your back. (Neither of which I recommend of course!) But you get the idea, it’s easy. In fact, it’s kind […]

Coronavirus Health + Wellness Resources

1. Coronavirus + How We Can Help How we are trying to help fight Coronavirus, what we do, and the why behind it all. You’ll find tips on what we do to keep our home clean and ourselves safe, as well as ideas to keep a sound mind during the ongoing stay-at-home orders. Tip: Sign […]

Homemade Chicken Stock

I am equal parts following a recipe or winging it when it comes to cooking. I do love the structure of listening to someone else’s tried and true culinary advice. But I also love cooking from a feeling. And a feeling is exactly where my Homemade Chicken Stock recipe came from. It was years ago […]

Quiet Days + A Lot of the Same

Saturday / I’ve been really struck with how quiet the city has been lately. And really, it’s all because of the birds that I noticed it. In the mornings I often do a little bit of work on our sofa. And with our windows and patio doors open, I am graced with a beautiful gentle […]