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Well to be honest, it’s been quite some time since I have updated my 101 in 1001 list.  Or frankly, have even thought about it.  But Ryan sweetly reminded me a few weeks ago that I should take a look at it again, and I figured that he was right.

As I read through my list, I found that there were a few things that I could mark off as complete (yay!), and also a few goals that maybe weren’t so well suited for me anymore.

In general, I tend to be the kind of person who likes to see something through to the finish no matter what.  But as I continue to work on self-growth, I am realizing that finishing something “just because” or “no matter what” isn’t always a good thing.  In fact, it’s often not.  So I decided that I need to only be doing the things from my list that spark joyfor me.  Everything always happens for a reason.  Whether that means I’ve checked another item off of my list, or just let it go, it will happen just as it should.

lungarno generale diaz, florence

9. Learn enough Spanish to order my favorite fish tacos.

Yay!  I actually (and finally) did this!  Although as Ryan has so cleverly pointed out, I really only needed to learn about six words.  “Un taco de pescado, por favor.”  But hey, it’s the small things in life, right?!?

30. Re-design my website.

While pondering my list (conveniently with a glass of delicious Tuscan red wine), I realized that the re-design work that I had wanted to do for my blog was actually finished ages ago.  While there are still a bunch of updates and things that I want to work on, I think that this is a goal that will always be a bit of a work in progress.

43. Do 32 acts of kindness for each year I have lived.

To the best of my ability, I try to spread kindness everyday.  Whether it be for a stranger, or my husband, or family, or friends. . .I love being able to make people laugh and smile, and to brighten their day just a little bit.  When I first wrote this goal, I think that my intention was to do more substantial things, like pay for a strangers groceries, for example.  But really, if I can just do my best to spread joy and love everyday, for me, that is a goal well completed.

56. Plan more in advance for trips, not the week or days before.

Here we are folks, two trips down, and just the rest of eternity to go.  (Lol!)  I have now successfully planned for my last Boston trip (a couple of weeks ago), and also for our Italy trip (of which we just returned home from).  Normally when it comes to trip planning, the night before we leave, or even the morning of, I am often making last minute changes and doing some final research.  But nope, here I am.  I have successfully planned out two trips with days to spare.

74. Work with a company that I am passionate about.

When I wrote this goal, I was definitely imagining this as a very grand-scale idea.  Perhaps working with Martha Stewart, or the Food Network, or the North Face, or maybe even Clinique (which I would really still love to work with any or all of these companies. . .and believe me, the list goes on and on).  But as I thought about this, I realized that I have already been blessed to work with so many amazing companies.  Maybe not the ones that I had in mind when I originally wrote this, but there is still so much to be proud of.

75. Put away $10 for every goal completed.

So I actually never even started this one.  And I think that it’s because it never really felt very important to me.  I guess the idea of putting money away for a completed goal just doesn’t really make it any more official for me, or any more special.  So I’ve decided to part ways with no. 75.

78. Start a skincare routine.

In light of all of the skincare products that are coming out (really, on what feels like a daily basis), I felt like I needed to be using new things – – new serums, new creams, new toners, maybe some oils – – the world of skincare has really become a bit overwhelming these days.  But after trying several new products over the past year, I have realized two things.  One, everyone is different.  And two, for me and for my skin, simple is better.  I find that I am much more consistent in my routine when things are simplified.  And in the long run, I personally believe that consistency will far outweigh anything else.

82. Stop biting my cuticles.

Woohoo!  I am finally done with this one!  This was really a big one for me.  I finally conquered this goal back in June while we were away in Europe.  I’m not sure why I have pretty much always bitten my cuticles, but it was just a really bad habit that I had a hard time breaking.  But nope, not anymore.  Gone are the days of having my cuticles look like they just went through battle.

83. Go one month without sugar.

So yeah. . .I’ve basically just decided that this is never going to happen.  Obviously it could.  I could absolutely refrain from eating sugary things.  But I just don’t feel like this is something that is super important to me.  In my opinion, living by the ideal of “everything in moderation” is definitely the best way to go.

Start Date: September 13, 2016  //  Finish Date: June 11, 2019

Goals Completed: 51   //  Goals in Progress: 5

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  1. I just love your outlook on your life, it’s truly inspiring!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Emma. I really appreciate your support!

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