this week’s highlights

Saturday / Our Saturdays are typically on the busy side, and a bit more work than play. So lately we’ve been making a point to keep our mornings more relaxed. For some people that means sleeping in, or hanging out at home in their pj’s while drinking coffee. But for us it means getting to the markets bright and early before there are any crowds to speak of. Now that is what we call a relaxing morning! And on this particular Saturday we also happened to treat ourselves to one insanely delicious ono sandwich from the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market. Fish for breakfast? Oh yeah, trust me on this one.

Sunday / For the past few weeks now we’ve been going over to Coronado to go walking just about every single morning. And I really can’t get enough of it. I wake up craving that cool ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves, and the peaceful surroundings. I do feel like it would take a lot for me to want to move out of downtown, but Coronado is doing a pretty good job at making me think twice about it.

Monday / Today we were supposed to do our taxes. “Supposed to” being the operative words. We woke up with the best of intentions, but then we sort of got distracted by other projects that were just a little bit more interesting than doing our taxes. And that’s putting it lightly. Because for me basically anything is more interesting than taxes. Even though there’s really not a whole lot that we need to do, it’s just one of those things in life that I’ve attached an “ugh” mentality to. So I’m thinking that a perspective change would do me good. Ugh.

Tuesday / Today was the first day that I had posted to the blog in a couple of weeks, and honestly it felt really good. As I had touched on in my post, I sort of had this underlying, need a mental break and a little bit of distance from work, feeling. And so I listened to it and took a couple of weeks off. And it was great. Really great in fact. Today I went back into my work feeling refreshed and also so grateful to be doing something that gives me such flexibility.

Wednesday / So this week has kind of had a theme. On Monday we were supposed to do our taxes. On Tuesday we were supposed to decide on our dinner menu for Valentine’s Day. And today we were supposed to do our Valentine’s Day grocery shopping. Sadly none of those things happened. Nope, not a one. Because here’s the thing. . .I am a big “feelings” person. I do mostly everything from a feelings standpoint, and I pay very close attention to what my gut is telling me. And so yeah, yesterday the different menu ideas that we were discussing just weren’t giving me that excited feeling. And as a result, it didn’t feel right to go grocery shopping today. I feel very strongly about wanting to feel in alignment with my choices – whether that be grocery shopping for a dinner party, a financial decision, or a personal life choice – listening to my inner voice and my gut is truly what brings me peace.

Thursday / Another day and another morning spent walking at the beach. I find that some mornings I crave the peace of just listening to the ocean, but more so than not lately, I’ve really been enjoying listening to something. This week I’ve been rotating between a meditation from Melissa Wood Health, listening to “Atomic Habits” (thank you Kali for the awesome recommendation!), or listening to a meditation from Oprah & Deepak’s Perfect Health meditation series. It’d be tough for me to say which one is my favorite, because all three truly put me in such a great mental space. And thanks be to God for that! I think that we can all benefit from a little mental breathing room, and I am feeling so super grateful for these resources that bring me just that.

Friday / Every single day I feel so lucky to spend this life with my hubby, but I’m especially reminded of it on special days. Today turned out to be a bit busier than we were both thinking that it would be (mostly because I was listening to my gut all week and postponed our grocery shopping) (funny not funny), but it was perfect. We spent the day together, we got to celebrate with my in-laws, and that was all that we wanted. Togetherness. And in keeping with tradition, Ryan surprised me with the sweetest homemade card and a beautiful flower arrangement that he had put together to match it. I really am so, so blessed.

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  1. I’ve been listening the Oprah and Deepak meditations also, they’re great!

    1. Oh awesome Karen! Yeah, I just feel like they are a great way to start your day – a good place to mentally set yourself up for a great day in fact!

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