the Flower Fields

If you live in the San Diego area, then you definitely know what I am talking about when I say that this year feels like a record breaking year in terms of wildflowers and greenery.  San Diego has absolutely exploded with color these past few weeks, and I am loving it!

Remember all of the rain that we’ve been having these past few months?  Well, we are definitely not in a drought anymore.  In fact we are in something quite the opposite – something far greener and with far more blooms than I have ever known San Diego to have.

Since everything has been so beautiful, the hubby and I decided to wander up to Carlsbad and explore the Flower Fields.  It has been a few years since we’d last gone, and we were definitely in a drought the last time we were up there; so we figured that our timing would be spot on.

Well, almost spot on.  Although we were still on the early side for the fields (only one field was in full bloom), the flowers were just as beautiful as I remembered them to be.  Unfortunately though, it was a bit overcast the morning we visited, so my pictures are a bit clouded (pun intended).  But those gray, gloomy looking skies weren’t about to stop our enjoyment – the endless rows of brightly colored ranunculus are cheery enough to brighten any day.

Visiting the Flower Fields was giving me serious Wizard of Oz vibes.  Remember the scene when Dorothy runs out into the field of poppies?  Yes, that was what I was envisioning myself doing – gracefully galloping out into the field, spinning around and falling into a fluffy bed of ranunculus.  (Minus the sleeping forever part of course.)  But, not to any surprise, you aren’t allowed to gallop through the flower fields (the flowers are very delicate).

Unable to have my own Wizard of Oz moment, I settled for playing out the fantasy in my head.  (Always a good idea, plus it avoids the whole awkward, get kicked out of the Flower Fields situation.)  Plus, I’m pretty sure that there were some bugs and probably little critters in the fields as well…and I am not really looking to get friendly with any of those.

After a few hours of exploring, picture taking, and generally oohing and aahing at all of the colors, we decided to head towards home.  And in true San Diego fashion, just as we were gearing up to catch our ride back to the parking lot, the clouds parted.  It’s either cloudy when I want clear skies or it’s perfectly blue when I’m stuck inside doing work.  (Typical San Diego weather for you.)

But, cloudy skies or blue skies, visiting the Flower Fields was the perfect way to spend our morning together.  We got to enjoy the beautiful ranunculus, I got to frolic through the fields (in my head), and we even snuck in a tractor ride.  Not bad for a Thursday morning, not bad at all.

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  1. Those pictures of the flower rainbow are just stunning! Brava for capturing the beauty and vibrancy of them all!

  2. I think the cloudy skies actually made the colors more visible in your photos. Beauty!

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