Thanksgiving Decor

With Halloween over, and so many decorations gone along with it, our apartment has started to feel a little bare.  For whatever reason, we’ve always made a point to put up a few decorations for Halloween, but we don’t have anything that we leave up for the rest of Fall and Thanksgiving.

And since I am already feeling the holiday spirit in overdrive, I’m thinking that this is the perfect time for us to pick up some decorations that we can keep up through Thanksgiving.  (But the day after Thanksgiving, you better believe that we will be going full-on Christmas mode.)  (Yep, we’re those people.)  (Oh, and I’m already listening to Christmas music.)  (Since September.)

bay leaf wreath  / /  thankful porcelain platter

faux white pumpkins  / /  gray plaid table runner  / /  glass pumpkin

glitter leaf garland  / /  luster hurricanes

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  1. I was going to make a cornucopia this year, but I couldn’t get all the innards to look like they were naturally flowing out, so I’m definitely going to check out some of your finds here in the stores.

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