Sunset in the Iris Garden

If you are lucky enough to visit Florence in the Spring when the temperatures warm up, but the tourists are still slightly at bay, then you definitely should make a point to visit the Iris Garden.  Tucked just behind the Piazza Michelangelo, this hidden gem is home to what feels like hundreds of beautiful irises.

Although my timing for the garden was right towards the end of the iris season, the gardens were still breathtaking both visually and through the flowers’ perfume.  (Prior to my visit, I didn’t know that irises are fragrant flowers.  Their perfume was really delicate and beautiful, similar to the fragrance of a rose.)

Although the gardens were nearing their end, my plan to visit at sunset gave everything new life.  The early evening light provided the most beautiful backdrop to enjoy the flowers, both illuminating the flowers and turning their colors electric.

But if you aren’t able to visit at sunset, I am sure that it would be just as nice to visit during the day (and maybe even pack a picnic).  Either way, the garden is a beautiful way to get away from it all.

Find a nice bench to sit on, listen to the birds chirp, watch the irises gently blow in the breeze, let the sun warm your face and just relax.  Welcome to your very own secret garden.