So I Took Last Week Off

As I sat on our bed last Tuesday morning and meditated, my mind seemed to be buzzing more than usual. At first it was the same things that normally arise for me – thinking about how beautiful the cool morning air felt, remembering about something that I wanted to pencil into my planner, and thinking about whether or not I was going to have a cappuccino when I was done. But after that, my thoughts just wouldn’t seem to turn off.

And what I kept thinking about and feeling restless about, was the feeling of needing some time. I could feel that my soul was resisting my Tuesday deadline. And while I could have easily done the few final edits on my post and hit the little blue publish button, for me that was not the point. My soul was craving some space, and I felt that it was important to honor that. And so as my meditation came to a close, I made the decision to give myself one week. One week without publishing. And then just like that, the mental buzzing subsided.

I’m a feelings kind of girl.

I’ve touched on this many times before. But in case you are new here, I’m happy to share it again – I’m a big feelings person. And it seems that when I don’t listen to my feelings or intuition, I often find myself in a bigger heap of you know what. So giving myself the time last week to more freely create and write was apparently just the bit of mental space that I needed in order to come back feeling completely refreshed.

I think that sometimes we all have to take a little step back in life to prepare for our next leap forward. And I feel like that is exactly what I did. Little step back, and boom, now I’m feeling ready. I’ve got as much mental calm as I could possibly hope for, and my creative juices are definitely flowing. Time for my leap forward!

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  1. It’s definitely important to give oneself the mental space one needs, so I’m so happy that you’re feeling refreshed now! Go you!

    1. Thanks Lily! I feel very grateful to work in a profession that allows me such flexibility, as I full well realize that not everyone gets to choose such liberties. But it really was just what I needed :)

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