As we’re starting to edge towards the New Year, new goals for what I want to accomplish are starting to creep forward in my mind.  And something that keeps passing through, but something that I would prefer to keep ignoring, is my longtime battle with mild procrastination.

In most ways, I am not a procrastinator.  I keep organized lists of everything that I want to accomplish everyday, and for the most part, complete all of my tasks that day or within the next day or two.  I keep lists for the weeks and months ahead, blogging calendars, a personal planner, and notes for future projects and trips.  I am definitely the kind of person who likes to complete tasks, and leaving unfinished business never sits well with me.  However, there are definitely some things that I put off.

Just like I have mentioned before about how I am a mix of being meticulously clean or having moments of serious messiness,  the same goes for getting things done.  I am a complete mix of mostly getting everything checked off of my list, with just a teensy bit of procrastination thrown in there.

To be honest, since I am so organized with my lists of goals and things to do, I really have no excuse for not getting something done.  I can’t say, “oh, oops I forgot,” or “huh…gosh, I guess that it must have slipped my mind.”  Nope, I’ve got my lists, but sometimes I just conveniently put certain reminders into a folder, and tuck them away into an office drawer.

So with the New Year just days away, this is definitely something that I want to address and conquer this year.  I know that I personally always feel so much better when I can cross something off of my list, so I am really going to start making a better effort to not put things off.  Well, starting January 1st that is.

3 Replies to “Procrastination”

  1. I agree. Thanks for the motivation …. in 2019 or 2020 (maybe 2021), I will stop procrastinating.

    1. hahaha, good idea James (:

  2. I struggle with this also, so this is great timing for your post. Let’s revisit this in a month and see how we’re doing!

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