After saying goodbye to Montepulciano, it was time for a quick stop in Naples.  I had one full day to explore Naples and get a real taste for the city.  I arrived at the train station (in the pouring rain),  and was relieved to not wait in the taxi line outside.  The hotel where I was invited to stay had arranged for my pickup, which made things so easy.

After a quick taxi, I arrived at Weekend a Napoli just as the clouds cleared, and checked in to my warmly appointed loft, where I had been invited to stay for the next few nights.

DSC09596 DSC09592

sitting area & balcony


handmade creche by owner Paolo


the most comfortable bed

After getting settled, the owners, Paolo and Patrizia, invited me out to the sitting area for a drink and to help me plan out my time.  Since I only had one day, they wanted to make sure that I was able to make the most of my time.  (Paolo even offered to help me tour around.)

After a goods night rest, I felt ready to conquer Naples.


beautiful breakfast spread

Fueled up by a delicious breakfast spread, I was ready for my first stop of the day, Herculaneum.  Herculaneum is a city that was hit by the eruption of Vesuvius – a lot of people say that it is like a “tiny” Pompeii.  And since I didn’t have a lot time, it was the perfect option for me.





burned pieces of wood still intact



as I was leaving the clouds parted enough to display Mt. Vesuvius

After a great visit to Herculaneam, I caught a train back to Naples to start touring the main city.  My plan?  Aimlessly wander.  Okay, not really, but my goal was to basically walk as much as I possibly could, and cover as much of Naples as time (and my feet) would allow me.  Starting point?  A spot of lunch of course!


i enjoyed the most amazing fried pastas and pizza – a specialty in Naples


post lunch – the famous hazelnut coffee





After a few hours of walking (Naples is huge!) I just happened to stumble upon a long line (here), and so I thought I should investigate.


hands down the best fried pizza I had in Naples

Feeling like I had a little more pep in my step, I kept walking until I made my way to the waterfront.  And that is when it hit me, my feet were pretty darn tired.  Luckily I caught sight of a little bike rental shop, and so I decided to bike the waterfront.




After a long day of touring, I wandered my way to my final destination.  Many years ago while reading Eat, Pray, Love, I had made a mental note to someday make it to Gilbert’s favorite pizza place in Naples.  Well, that day had arrived.


yes, the wait can be horrendous, but it will be worth it, I promise!



Okay, okay…I know that I have shared a lot of “best evers” with you, but this is the real deal.  This place is legit.  They serve 2 kinds of pizza (cheese or sauce only) and coke, water or beer.  That’s it.  The crust, the sauce, the creamy cheese – it is without a doubt the best pizza that I have ever had.  I am still dreaming of that magical pie…just one more bite.


Although Weekend a Napoli had invited me for a complimentary stay, no financial compensation was received.  All opinions expressed and shared here are my own, and were written by me.

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  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Thanks Hayley!

  2. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. It seems you are having a wonderful trip in Italy! I love that country. Thanks for sharing these photos! Have a great day!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Danielle!

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