Istituto Il David

So aside from the fact that I love Florence, my main reason for spending 3 weeks there was so that I could take Italian language classes.  Florence is absolutely overflowing with language study opportunities, and although it can be difficult to choose, I really lucked out with finding the Istituto Il David.

With one really horrible sleep under my belt, I jumped right into classes; but I was actually really excited.  (Funny enough, I look forward to going to school now.)  Even though I was seriously sleep deprived that first day, and the few days following, I really looked forward to starting my day with school.

At the Istituto Il David, I had four hours of class everyday (ending just early enough to still grab some lunch before some of the restaurants closed).  My classes were divided between grammar and conversation, each with a different teacher.  And the very best part?  The classes were kept small.  I think that my largest class had maybe six students in it, but sometimes I only had three other people in my class.  Less students = more one on one attention = more personal growth.  (Some other schools have upwards of fifteen or more students in each class.  Class size is definitely an important factor when choosing a school.)

the beautiful rooftop terrace

I also really loved the location of the school, it was truly right in the heart of Florence.  Minutes to the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo, seconds from the Piazza della Repubblica; and most importantly, surrounded by endless delicious options for either breakfast or lunch.

Everyday we had a 20 minute break in between our grammar and conversation classes, which gave me just enough time to run out for a quick macchiato from my favorite Caffè Gille – then run back to school, climb the stairs (there is also an elevator), and pause for a minute so that I didn’t walk into class completely out of breath.

During my three weeks, I had the opportunity to work with three different teachers, and the change was great.  They were all equally sweet and very patient, but it was a good thing for me to have a change in teaching style.  I think that being able to work with different teachers on similar material really helps with personal growth.  (Another important factor when choosing a language school.)

I am always taking notes

Well, it is kind of hard for me to believe that I have just finished three weeks of school, but yep, here I am, all done.  I think that partially my brain needed a break, but the other part of me wishes that I could stay and study more.  Luckily though, I know that a trip back to Florence will definitely be in my future, and I will always have a home at the Istituto Il David.