House Projects + Nonstop Jammies

my tomatoes and basil ready for repotting

Saturday / Ryan has officially been home from work for one week now, and I think that he was really looking forward to doing nothing. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that I had a whole list of things that I wanted his help with. (Sorry babe!) And today’s little task was helping me to repot my tomatoes and basil. Really I just needed his big muscles to lift the giant bag of dirt for me, but it’s also entertaining to have an audience to laugh at how much of a mess I can make. (And thankfully he does find it funny!)

chicken divan + rice pilaf

Sunday / I love that something as simple as a smell can transport you home. And that is exactly what Chicken Divan does for us. This was one of my absolute favorite dishes growing up, and it has easily been both mine and Ryan’s favorite for years now. So as it baked and bubbled away in our oven, our apartment became positively enveloped with the most savory of smells. And as Ryan so sweetly pointed out, “. . .it smells like we’re at your parents’ house.” And I couldn’t have agreed with him more. It smelled like home <3

Monday / Continuing on with my list of tasks and projects, today’s was a biggie. My Dad had recently passed down some of his coin collection to us, and although we had started to go through them a few months ago, we had never finished the project. So today seemed like the perfect day. It was a little bit cloudy and chilly, and we’ve basically been staying home, holed up in our apartment. So we popped on the Hallmark Channel (as usual), and made our way through the rest of his coins. More than anything, it was really fun to just look through all of the coins and imagine the stories behind them, and how my Dad came across them.

balboa park

Tuesday / Pretty much like everyone right now, we basically don’t leave our apartment at all. But perhaps a bit unique to us, is that we actually love it. Those close to us know that we are both homebodies, and that we really just love being home, being quiet, and being in our lounge clothes or our jammies. So as long as we have groceries (and wine), we are good to go. But just like clockwork, we do go out for one thing – some fresh air and a long walk. Today we strolled through the beautifully desolate Balboa Park, and enjoyed the luxury of feeling like we had the whole place to ourselves. There really always is a silver lining.

the current state of our guest bathroom

Wednesday / It may not look like it, but I promise you (to my great delight) that the end is in sight. I truly wouldn’t wish water damage upon my worst enemy. And unfortunately, we’ve dealt with our fair share of water problems over the years. But really, the end is in sight. (Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.)

scrambled eggs + sliced tomatoes + a nespresso americano

Thursday / We’re normally not big breakfast people here. On a work day, the hubby will typically have something. But for the most part I skip it, or nibble at his. But this morning I woke up and felt like we should have a “real” breakfast. (Really just any reason for a little bacon!) So bacon and eggs it was, and honestly, I could get used to this whole breakfast thing.

Friday / Sigh. Glorious Friday. I’m normally not a “TGIF” kind of person, but lately I have been. Between the almost hourly news updates related to the pandemic, and then everything going on with the water damage in our unit. . .well yes, I am majorly thankful that it is Friday. And as an update, yes, the restoration work is finally done in our unit. So since there was a void of workers coming in and out of our apartment, I got to spend the entire day in my jammies. And that pretty much felt like the perfect way to start the weekend!

7 Replies to “House Projects + Nonstop Jammies”

  1. I’m glad the restoration work is done, what a miserable time to have work done in your house!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joanne! Yeah, the timing was not ideal AT ALL, but we are SO grateful to have it all behind us!

  2. Vanessa F. says:

    I’ve been making more traditional breakfasts for my family lately because of the quarantine-it’s been fun having more time to have a relaxed breakfast with my husband and kids!

    1. That’s so nice Vanessa! It’s kind of interesting the ways that this has slowed down life. And I really think that there will be some positive things to come out of this…like valuing time more, and just living a slower life.

      1. Vanessa F. says:

        I agree, I hope some of these changes really stick in our society.

  3. Nice post. How do you make your Chicken Divan? BTW, rice-a-roni also reminds me of my childhood.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! And thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to share the Divan recipe with you, it’s SO yummy! If you like, I could email it to you?

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