Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!ย  I hope that you are all enjoying a beautiful day surrounded by friends, family, and of course lots and lots of great food.

Today is such a great reminder for me to reflect on everything that I am thankful for in my life – and there is so much that I am thankful for!ย  On Thanksgiving, my Dad always has us go around the table and share something that we are grateful for before we dig into the feast that my Mom has whipped up.ย  So I thought that I’d share just a few of the things that I am feeling especially thankful for this year.

I am thankful for…

…a hubby who loves and supports me

…amazing family, friends and loved ones

…the ability to travel and be with family

…the men and women who fight for our freedom everyday

…sunshine, good food and a good life

For me, it’s life’s simple pleasures that remind me just how lucky I am.ย  Life is too short to not be thankful – so let’s all toast to the good things in life, and enjoy the many blessings of Thanksgiving today and always!

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