Happy Birthday

So in honor of today being my birthday, I am going to follow some of my Mom’s advice.  My Mom is strong believer in that whatever you want out of life, you need to announce it out loud to the universe.  She has always told me, “put it out into the universe, and the universe will provide!”  Okay Mom, I am following your advice.

Hey universe, you listening?  This year I want to travel more!  I want to travel all over Europe, and maybe someday even live in Europe!  I want to have new experiences, I want to see water that is so bright blue that you can see all of the little fishies swimming in it!  I want to try new foods, dance new dances, learn new languages!  I want to soak up all that life has to offer!

You hear me universe?  I have big dreams and big ideas, lets make this happen!