Ciao Firenze

If you weren’t able to guess where I was headed to from my last post, the cat is officially out of the bag, I am back in Florence (sigh).  And this is probably no surprise to you, but it feels so amazing to be back.  I am a firm believer that you can never have too much Florence in your life.

Very luckily, all of my travels to get here went smoothly (especially in light of all of the travel horror stories lately).  I had booked my air travel through British Airways, having  flown them the past few times to Italy, and I always really love my experience with them.  Although, it was especially nice this time because, 1. I got upgraded and 2. I got to sit on the upper deck!  I don’t know why sitting on the upper deck excited me so much, but it really put a pep in my travel step.

catching up on the news and picking out my dinner

Once I landed in Italy, all of my connections (a bus and a train) to get to Florence went really smoothly too; talk about travel luck!  After only getting about 2 hours of sleep in 24 hours, I was happy to not have to do any extra waiting around.  Plus, let’s be honest here, the quicker I arrived in Florence, the quicker my first Italian meal was going to happen.

I got into (a very rainy) Florence, and I was able to get all settled into my apartment (more on this later) right away.  Since I will be here for 3 weeks (eek!), I decided to stay in an apartment…you know, that way I can get more comfortable…really kind of set up shop for a bit.  (Code word for: I can pretend that I live here. #italianfantasy)

After a very average night’s sleep (thank you jet-lag), Monday arrived and it was time to hit the ground running.  I started my language course, and before wandering home in hopes of a nap, I happily sat down for a bowl of pasta at our absolute favorite, Trattoria Mario.   Ah Florence, it is so very good to be back.