A Tuscan Lunch

The big highlight of our week was almost too easy to pinpoint. You’ll be excited to hear that my little patio garden is doing very well now. In fact, it’s done so well that we were able to harvest the first of our cherry tomatoes. They ended up being a larger variety than we were anticipating, but after all of my garden woes this year, I’ll happily take whatever I can get.

When I had shared with my Mom earlier in the week that some of our tomatoes were starting to ripen, she immediately suggested that we make our favorite bruschetta with them. And it was the perfect suggestion. I had practically forgotten all about that recipe, but as soon as she had reminded us, I knew that it was exactly how we would use the first of our tomatoes.

simplicity at its best

What’s amazing to me, is how just about anything, but especially food has the power to transport you. And that is exactly what this Tuscan lunch did for us. It took us right back to Montepulciano, sitting at the tiny little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Sax Wine Bar. As I rubbed the fresh garlic across our warm grilled bread, and the aroma wafted through our kitchen, it felt like we were there again.

The simplicity is what makes this dish so heavenly. That, and the memories. The memories of wandering around the most perfect little Tuscan hill town, taking in the endless rolling hills and the wildflowers, stopping for wine tastings and olive oil tastings. And yes, enjoying the simplicity of a tomato bruschetta for lunch, as a warm-up to what would most likely be an insanely large dinner of bistecca and melted pecorino cheese at Osteria Acquacheta.

the sign of a lunch well enjoyed

What I would give to be there right now at this very moment. But we can’t be. And as much as that breaks my heart, tasting this little piece of Tuscany, and traveling there for just a few moments this week was exactly what I needed. We cannot be there now, and who knows when we’ll be back next. But these little toasts filled my heart with hope and the reminder that Tuscany will always be there for us, waiting with open arms whenever we return.

For my official bruschetta recipe, although it really is quite simple, click here.

“It’s about simple ingredients, thoughtfully prepared with great love + intention. It’s about doing the best you can with what you have, and about letting the ingredients speak for themselves.”

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  1. Made me remember my time in Montepulciano on 2018, and eating at Sax Wine Bar after School, marvelous bruschettas!!

    1. I’m so glad that my post brought back those happy memories for you as well Sonia. Montepulciano is such a magical little town – hopefully we will all be back there very soon!

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