Time to Say Goodbye

And just like that, my time in Sicily and my month in Italy has come to an end.  It always amazes me how quickly the time passes.  It almost feels like I just arrived, and now here I am, at the end of my last full day.  I can’t complain one bit though, I have truly had an amazing adventure.

I was definitely lagging a bit from all of the wedding festivities, but yesterday has still got me smiling.  We all had such a great time at the wedding.


how cute are they!?!

I started my day out in the sunshine, as I have so many mornings here on the farm.  It is such a nice and peaceful way to start my day.  After a little bit, a car pulled up, and it was Irene and Mario, bringing over a huge tray of my favorite pastries!  They are seriously so sweet!  They wanted to make sure that I had one more of my favorite pastries before leaving Sicily.  (And also, they were coming over to get ready to cook.  They wanted to give me a true Sicilian style barbecue as my sendoff.)


cartoccio…God’s gift to me

Mario got the grill going real hot, Pino ran out for some more wine (I wish that I was joking), and I did what apparently is my major talent in Italy, eating.


I tried desperately to help with the cooking, but they will barely let me touch anything.  They are so generous in all that they do, and they truly made me feel so loved and taken care of.  To be honest, I have kind of felt like a princess all week.


Mario al due




Today’s feast?  Barbecued meats – stuffed meats, meats stuffed with meats, sausages…anything that was either part of the meat group or wine group was on the menu.  And of course, everything was delicious.  I swear that everything that I have eaten on this trip has been my newest favorite meal.



The funny thing about today’s lunch was that it was actually supposed to be a “light lunch” because we had dinner plans as well.  Well, we all know how that light lunch thing goes…anyways, rounds of meats, breads, cheeses, another good chunk of wine bottles and a platter of cartoccio later, we were stuffed.  But there’s always room for a little Prosecco, right??



With practically all of the food and wine finished, it was time to clean up and get ready for dinner.  I wish I was joking.  The nice thing about these long lunches, is that they are long and relaxing.  The downside is that you basically need to get ready to eat again right away.

Tonight was set to be another feast.  Irene had learned that I had never had some of the famous little savory pastries from Termini, and so she insisted that we plan a dinner of them.  Tiny little fried and baked pockets of cheese and meats?  Sign me up!


Pierina with a giant tray of arancini


tiny little sfincione


Irene with her favorite – bolognese stuffed brioche rolls

They loaded up my plate with one of everything, and then they all sat in anticipation to see what my favorite would be.  It seems like everyone had a different favorite, and was hoping that I would pick theirs.



My winner?  The bolognese stuffed brioche roll.  Irene was pleased that I chose her favorite.  And me?  I couldn’t be leaving any happier.  This whole month has been such a wonderful exploration of Italy.  I have been to so many new places, tried so many new things, and lived every single day.  This has truly been la mia bella vita.


5 Replies to “Time to Say Goodbye”

  1. That’s so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

    1. Thanks Alice!

  2. What great memories. I like your story telling. How in the world can these people eat so much??

  3. It’s been a delight to read about your Italy adventures….sounds like it went way too fast! Until next time :)

    1. Thanks Mandy! It was a great trip!

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