the Italy Itch

I can’t deny it, I’ve got the itch.  Bad.  I know that this might sound kind of crazy because it feels like we practically just got home from our big trip to Europe (where in total I spent 5 weeks in Italy), but I’ve got the itch to go back to Italy and I can barely contain myself.

When we first got home from our trip, I was definitely ready to be home.  And funny enough, Ryan would bring up if we should start talking about future travel plans, but I felt like I needed to have some good at-home time and really feel settled before we started even thinking about our next trip.  But now, well now you couldn’t get me to stop talking about Italy even if you tried.

A few weeks ago, completely out of the blue, I blurted out, “we should go back to Italy…in September!”  I think that Ryan was a mixture of caught off guard and maybe a little thinking that I was joking.  But I’m not.  The struggle is real.

So after talking things over, we decided that we would be open to the possibility if it were right (a.k.a. finding an insanely cheap flight).  But obviously that hasn’t happened, because obviously I am sitting here writing about how I feel like a crazy person because I want to go back to Italy so bad, instead of writing about how much fun we are going to have in Italy.

I know that I am a dreamer, and on any given day I have a handful of different dreams and ideas for our lives; some of which never happen, and some of which do.  The best part is, they are my dreams.  So right now I am dreaming that we will be back in Florence in September.  Who knows what will happen.  But what I do know for sure, is that it definitely won’t happen without dreaming about it.

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