The hubby and I just got back from the most amazing 7 week adventure in Europe – and to be honest, pretty much the whole time we were away I was apologizing for needing to stop and do work while we were on vacation.  Of course my hubby very sweetly reminded me that he is […]

50th State Pizza

Sometimes I get ideas for a new recipe completely out of the blue.  We could be lying in bed, minutes away from slumber, and then suddenly I announce, “I’m thinking about trying to make…(insert recipe here).”  I have no clue where this inspiration or these ideas come from, but what I do know is that […]

the Mania

Well, I can’t deny it…I often get the mania.  Don’t you get the mania too?   Wait, hold on a minute, you don’t know what the mania is?!?  How could you not know what the mania is?  Well, probably because it is my own made up phrase. Basically, the mania is when I get crazed to […]


Sometimes plans are a lot better on paper than they are in practice.  And our plans to “quickly” visit Athens for one night was definitely one of those cases.  We knew that we didn’t have a lot of time in Athens, but we were determined to make the most of it.  We had timed out […]

Paros Bay

Sometimes I can’t help but say, “where did the time go?”  And during our last few days on Paros, I’m pretty sure that I was saying that a lot.  Where did the past month go?  How did all of this time slip through our fingers so quickly?  Can’t we just hit a “slow motion” button […]

Lounging on Paros

Here is what we have learned about Greece so far: things move at their own pace.  And when I say that they move at their own pace, what I really mean is, pretty much everything in Greece runs late – buses, reservations, boats, planes…heck, even dinner starts late. Since I have worked hard to be […]

Sailing Santorini

Let me start with the truth…I get motion sickness…really easily…sometimes even when my husband is driving the car.  So I am probably not the best candidate to take a sailing tour, but, I am also the kind of person who is willing to try just about anything once. the crystal clear turquoise waters at the […]


The beautiful isle of Santorini.  It has one of the most picture perfect landscapes, and is probably one of the most widely recognized destinations from its windmills to its blue and white painted cliff-side homes and hotels. the quintessential Santorini and Greece photo We saw the pictures, we saw the postcards, and that is what […]

Riding the Bus in Italy

Italy has a lot of quirks.  Well, I guess that everywhere does, but I just feel like Italy has a lot of funny little things that make you kind of tilt your head and think, “huh.”  For us, riding the bus is definitely one of those head-scratchers. We had a very simple plan, take the […]

Monopoli, Italy – Life in the Slow Lane

Reflecting on travels of the past versus our traveling today, our travel tastes have definitely changed.  Not in the sense that we love to travel (that passion is as strong as ever), but more so how we like to travel.  We used to have a long to-do list for each day of our travels, packed […]