A Special Treat + the Small Things

Probably similar to most all of us right now, the days still seem to blend into the weeks, and even into the months. Have we really been in this pandemic and this quarantine lifestyle for almost six months now? Sadly we have been. Life is definitely still very different. Our weeks are far quieter than […]

I’m a Little Bit Country

our typical early morning beach walk view As much as I feel like I’m a city girl through and through, and even though we will most likely always live in a big city because of the nature of Ryan’s work, I’m definitely a little bit country too. I’m not sure if what I grew up […]

In a Nutshell

I was talking with a friend earlier in the week about our Fourth of July weekends, and I had asked her how the rest of theirs went. Her response was refreshingly honest, literally caused me to laugh out loud, and felt comforting. “Not really. . .” she said. As in, they didn’t really enjoy their […]