Giving back is something that is very important to me.  I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and wonderful life, and if I can share with others, that means a lot to me.  In recent months I have been making more of an effort to donate food to the needy in our community.  And each time that I have offered something to someone, even if it was just a bottle of water or a banana, their face has lit up with a smile.  This really got me thinking – such a small gesture can really brighten someone’s day.

I wanted to come up with something that we could all do to help others, something that is simple, but could make a big impact.  That is how I came up with the idea #sammiesforsmiles.  Here is my goal, if we can all take a little time once in a while – in a month, in a week, whatever works for you – and if you can spare $5, then I think that we can all help to make a difference in our communities.  I am sure that we all know people who are in need of a sammie and a smile.  So let’s spread some joy!

Head to your local Dollar Store (or equivalent) with your $5


My $5 bought a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a tin of jelly, 100 sandwich bags and loads of labels


assemble your sammies


make sure to spread the love!


bag em’…


…and tag em’!

I spent about 20 minutes rounding up my goods, and another 10 minutes making the sandwiches.  I am thinking that I will probably spend another 30 minutes or so passing them out as well.  Another option would be to keep them with you while you run errands, and when you see someone in need, offer a helping hand.  (I’m heading out with my sammies this afternoon.)

So for roughly 1 hour and $5, this is such a small way to try and help make a positive impact on someone’s life.  If I can bring a smile to just one person today, my goal has been reached.

I encourage you all to join in and try to help where you can.  Even if we help others just a little bit, once in a while, that is more than we are doing now.  The more good that we can bring to our communities and to the world, the better.

So spread the love, share some joy and offer #sammiesforsmiles.

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  1. Lovin’ your blog …. !!

    1. Thanks Pops!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love your generous and adventurous spirit!


    1. Thank you so much Yasmin!

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