Where You’ll Find My Heart

Do you have a place somewhere in the world that is like no other?  A place where you could endlessly go to for vacation?  A place that every time you see a picture of, your heart completely melts into a puddle?  A place that when you think about, you can’t help but smile?  For me there is only one place in the world where we have repeatedly vacationed to, and I still can’t stop thinking about, Tuscany.

I have a hard time pinpointing what it is about Tuscany that sets it above everywhere else that I have been; but it just fills my heart every time that I think about it, talk about it, or dream about it.  (Which is fairly often.)  (Speaking of which, I am thinking that we should probably start planning a trip to go back.)

In reality, I know that there are a ton of things to love about Tuscany – the food, the wine, the people, the landscape, the history, the culture – the list could truly go on and on.  But for me it is so much more than all of these things, it is just the feeling that I get when I am there.  I go to Tuscany and my soul feels alive; I feel recharged, at peace and completely renewed.  Maybe someday this will change, but for now, and for as long as I could possibly imagine, Tuscany has my heart.

3 Replies to “Where You’ll Find My Heart”

  1. Start planning to go back? I’m in! Your post leaves me dying to go! And your pictures are impossibly beautiful!

  2. Agree – it’s magical!

  3. Tuscany sounds just lovely but, alas, there are no rooms in Tuscany (Seinfeld).

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