Lounging on Paros

Here is what we have learned about Greece so far: things move at their own pace.  And when I say that they move at their own pace, what I really mean is, pretty much everything in Greece runs late – buses, reservations, boats, planes…heck, even dinner starts late.

Since I have worked hard to be a person who is on time for things, at first, this tardiness drove me a little bit nuts.  But once we settled into the Greek pace of life (which really only took about one day), I was happy to sit back and giggle at Greece’s quirks.

the beautiful streets of Parikia

Although things do typically run late, I think it is because there is a quietness, or even a stillness to the pace of life in Greece (or at least on the islands).  When you walk around town, you don’t see locals power walking through the streets to make it to the food store, or running in a shop to quickly pick up a few things.  Or for that matter, you really don’t see anyone running anywhere.

Paros had the most beautiful crystal clear waters

You see people enjoying each other’s company, walking the waterfront with friends, fishing, laying at the beach or enjoying a cold beer to break the late afternoon heat.

our insanely adorable home on Paros, the Argonauta Hotel

judging by the time, we obviously got used to a more relaxed pace

There is definitely something to be said for Greek life.  Much as we notice in a lot of areas of Europe, people are comfortable taking their time at meals, taking the time to rest during the day, and just in general, taking time.  There seems to be no deadline, no concern of missing out on something, and no rushing whatsoever.

It is so easy for us both to get caught up in our day to day life at home.  Running from work to workouts, from the grocery store to the farmers market, or from church out to do errands.  Being in Greece has been a great reminder for us to slow down and enjoy life’s quiet moments.  A reminder to plan less and enjoy more.  And also a great reminder that there really is no such thing as “fomo” when you are present in the moment.

There is nothing so pressing in life that you can’t hit the pause button and just relax at the beach for a few hours with your love, or wander the same street for the 10th time that day.  Because in the end, it’s those small quiet moments that end up becoming the greatest memories.

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  1. It was so wonderful being able to just meander around Parikia with no purpose other than to be together – it’s truly the quiet moments of life together that speak loudest in my heart!

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