Holiday Host Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the season for parties, gatherings and gifting is just about to be in full swing.  And I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely the kind of person who likes to be prepared.  Nothing feels less fun for me or more like the opposite of holiday cheer than running to the store at the last minute to try and find a gift.  (Especially with all of those holiday crowds and added traffic.)

So to help us all out, I’ve put together a bunch of different gift guides to take you from Thanksgiving through the New Year, ensuring that your holiday season will feel stress free and perfectly prepared.

1. Native Poppy Flowers   / /  2. Simon Pearce Barre Bowl

3. Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

4. Nordstrom Faux Fur Throw

  5. Teuscher Dark Champagne Truffles

6. Williams Sonoma Winter Forest Candle

I think that bringing a small gift to the host of an event is a very kind gesture.  Very often the host has gone to far more work than they would be willing to admit (myself often included), and so an act of gratitude is the perfect way to make them feel like it was all worth it.

From a simple hand-written thank you note, to a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers for them to enjoy days beyond the gathering – these are all gifts that are small reminders of great thankfulness.

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  1. I love Teuscher truffles so much I may have to gift them to myself!

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