Travel Essentials Update

Home from our week in Florida with my fam, it’s safe to say that I gave my new travel purchases a nice test-drive before I get ready to pack my bags for Italy.  Although most of them were a success, I am so glad that I was able to try these out for a short period of time, as some of them weren’t as great as I had hoped for.

SP Packing Essentials

Old Navy Faux Leather Zip Tote ($39) – The jury is still out on this one.  I completely love it, but…it will be my only carry-on for Italy, and I’m a little concerned that it might not be able to fit everything that I need on the plane.  My husband has very cleverly suggested that I pack it up this week to test it out for space, so I’m going to give it a whirl and see if she’ll make the cut or not.

Kamor Laptop Sleeve ($12) –Love it!  Perfect little home for my laptop.  I love that there is just enough space that I can easily slide my laptop in and out of the sleeve without having to peel it off, and the zipper is really heavy duty too!

Phillips Headphones ($16) Also love these guys, definitely a home-run!

Purse Organizer ($6) I can’t quite decide on this one.  Although it definitely keeps my purse significantly more organized, it also requires a little more energy to do so.  I’m finding out that I like being the “throw it in my purse” kind of gal, and so this “gotta put it back in its spot” organizer might not be the right fit for me.  (This is a little funny to me, because I actually love being super organized.)

Aeris Neck Pillow ($25) Done and done.  This neck pillow not only works better than any I have used before, it can also supply you with hours of free in-flight entertainment.  It’s not just a neck pillow…


it’s the perfect cup holder


the one thing I always say, is never travel without your fascinator, it really helps you feel your best even at 10,000 & climbing (spoken in a british accent)

20160322_111641   20160322_120749

…it’s a headband or even a ponytail holder

20160322_120128   20160322_112250

you can use it as a partition for that annoying seatmate…or you can be that annoying seatmate (yes, that was me shaking my ice cup and yelling yahtzee!)

20160322_112717   20160322_112727

there are even multiple sleep positions, I call these “face smash eyes open” and “face smash eyes closed mouth open” – really quite effective

   20160322_112643   20160322_112440

i’ve got mickey ears…and i’m just being weird

20160322_111823   20160322_111835

i think that this flight has gone really well ;)

E-Bags Pack it Flat Toiletry Bag ($25) I want to love this, I really do, but I’m just not convinced.  It really had everything that I thought I needed and wanted in a toiletry bag, basically until I used it.  The major flaw for me here is that most of the zippers open vertically.  So when you have it hanging on a door, and you open the zipper to get something out, the entire contents of that pouch pour out.  Aside from that, we actually really did love it.  But, I’m afraid that it’s just not right.  I’ve been doing some searching for a replacement since I’ve been home, and I think that I am going to try out this one from the Container Store.

Resort Hanging Organizer

However, I know that this might not be right either.  There is no depth to the bag, so it limits the size of the items you pack, the hook is pretty tiny and only one direction (the E-Bags one rotated 360), and the pockets are not fully lined in case of a spill (just the front is plastic).  But, the hunt is not over, I am determined to find just the right thing.  And if nothing else turns up, then one of these little buddies is coming to Italy with me.  I’m starting to get the feeling like I need to design my own line of toiletry bags…


Do you have any favorite travel essentials or tips to stay organized?  I would love to know what helps keep you stress-free during travel!

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