Time to Fly

If you watch my Insta Stories, then you know that I have been hinting at some upcoming travel plans.  Well…the time has come, and I am officially en route to my next adventure, and boy is this going to be quite the adventure!

So where is my first stop?  Well, I am so thrilled to be going back to the place that pulls at my heart just about every day of the year…yep, you guessed it, Italy.  I can barely contain my excitement to be back!  I keep thinking about what I should do first…I mean eat first…gelato, pizza, pasta…panini…risotto?!?

remember this lunch? i think that i have been dreaming about it all year!

I am also really looking forward to sharing this adventure with you all through the blog.  I will be giving you as many updates as I can while on the road, and believe me, you won’t want to miss a single beat.  I’ve got a lot of fun things planned.

if you can guess this destination, then you know where my first stop will be!

And as excited as I am to be back in Italy, that will not be the only stop on our travels.  So make sure that you stay tuned because this is going to be a very exciting Spring for us.  See you in Italy!  Ciao!

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