The Itch

I’ve heard it called a lot of different things around town, but for me, I think that I’ve got a bad case of the seven year itch.  I can’t almost believe that I am about to say this. . .but. . .I’ve been feeling a little bit sick of San Diego lately.  I know, shocking, right?  I’m pretty sure that mostly everyone everywhere else in the world is going to think that I am absolutely crazy for tiring of beautiful San Diego, but for me?  Well, I can’t figure out if this is just a phase or a real desire for change.

When we first moved to San Diego, we really had no plans for how long we would stay.  In fact, we would often say that we would give it a year and go from there.  But we were quickly drawn in by the palm trees, the laid back lifestyle, and the year-round warm weather.  And before we knew it, one year turned into seven.

In the beginning, we would hear locals complain about how sick they were of the same old 70° and sunny weather day in and day out, and we would be flabbergasted.  How could you possibly get sick of this amazingly gorgeous weather?  Of the beaches?  Of the fish tacos?  But here I am, one of those people now, someone who is complaining about perfect living conditions.

But maybe it’s not so much that I am sick of San Diego (although in some ways I am), as much as I miss the variety of seasons, I miss being closer to family, and I miss the hustle and bustle of the East Coast.  And not that this really holds any weight, but we do miss a reliably delicious food scene.  (Sorry San Diego.)

So you might be thinking, “well, if you miss the East Coast and seasons so much, why not just move back?”  And honestly, sometimes I wish that it were that easy, but it’s not.  For me, work is pretty flexible.  But for the Mr.?  Well, not so much.  In fact, not at all.  Just up and moving back East is not something that we have the luxury of doing.  But at the same time, if we could decide to move back, or when we move back someday, I am sure that there are tons of things that I will absolutely miss about San Diego.

It’s easy for me to complain that we have the same weather everyday – no Fall, no Winter, and no Summer – yep, it’s pretty much Spring year-round here.  But San Diego has given us an amazing quality of life that I never knew was possible.  We love being able to be outside practically everyday of the year, we love the endless sunshine and fresh air, and we love being so close to both the ocean and the mountains.

I know what I need to do – I need to tell the universe what I want, have gratitude for that dream, and it will happen.  But as much as I feel like I know what I want, I feel like I don’t at the same time.  At the very moment when I say, “hey, let’s move back to Boston,” I realize that I am walking barefoot on the beach in February (with no jacket), and that’s pretty dang special.

So with all of this back and forth, my goal right now is to just be prayerful.  Prayerful that I find peace and have a settled heart while we live in San Diego (which might be forever), but also be prepared that if we get the opportunity to move somewhere else (which better be Boston) (and ideally in the next 2-3 years), that everything will happen just as it is supposed to be.

So for now we’ll just have to wait and see how our story unfolds.  Unless any of you can predict the future that is.  In which case, could you please let me know what will happen?  I’d love to be able to plan ahead :)

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  1. I agree with you! I love being outside year round in SoCal, but then I see a picture of new fallen snow from my sister and my heart dies a little inside! I wish I could have it all!

    1. hahaha – I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person Emma!

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