I don’t know what it is about putting my pajamas on, but truth be told, once I have changed from day clothes to night clothes, there is really no hope for me to feel motivated to leave our apartment.  There is just something about changing into my comfy clothes and snuggly socks, and I am sunk.  Luckily for me, Ryan is a homebody too, so this really doesn’t make a difference to our nightly or weekend plans.  There is only thing that my jammie time is repeatedly getting in the way of, sunset.

sunset from the Coronado Beach

I love to watch the sunset, but I also like to change into my pajamas around 5:30 p.m.  It’s normally my pre-dinner routine to change into comfier clothes, then pour a glass of wine and then start the dinner making process.  You are probably thinking to yourself, “just change back into your clothes to go out and watch the sunset.”  And that sounds perfectly logical on paper, but for some reason there is something about putting my pajamas on that becomes the kiss of death.

watching the sun set from the pool deck in our building

Ryan actually gets a good laugh about it.  He’ll quietly say to me, “oh…you’ve got your jammies on already…”  Which is basically his way of saying, “…guess we aren’t going back out tonight.”  But in my defense, there have been plenty of times that I have changed back into clothes to go out at night (however it is not very likely to happen).  And it’s not that I am checking out for the night, I am often still doing work, but I don’t know, what can I say?  My sleepwear has some sort of hold on me.

So now you get the picture.  Since I am typically in my pajamas before the sun even starts to set, well, I guess that I am a bit to blame why we don’t watch the sunset more often.  So for now the best that I can do is sit here in my jammies (yes, ironic) and enjoy the pictures that we have taken from the sunsets that we have enjoyed together.  As the French would say, “c’est la vie.”

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  1. It’s like the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, except instead of meaning a drink, you mean it’s jammie-time! And who says you can’t enjoy a sunset while IN your jammies?!

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