Sailing Santorini

Let me start with the truth…I get motion sickness…really easily…sometimes even when my husband is driving the car.  So I am probably not the best candidate to take a sailing tour, but, I am also the kind of person who is willing to try just about anything once.

the crystal clear turquoise waters at the port

We had talked about taking a sailing tour when we were in Thailand last September, but the waters were a little rough, and that definitely put me off.  But, here we are in beautiful Greece, and I have been feeling inspired to continue to push myself to be adventurous.  So I decided to surprise the hubby with a sunset sailing cruise around Santorini with Sunset Oia Sailing Cruises.

our sailboat coming into port to pick us up

Looking at the experience from a glass half-full perspective, we had a great day.  The hubby truly had a blast – he loved sailing, and couldn’t get enough of jumping off of the boat and swimming around in those glistening Greek waters.  And for me, well, it definitely wasn’t a worst case scenario (thank the Lord), but I can also officially say that sailing isn’t quite my cup of tea.  Or anything with a lot of rocking movement.  Or fast movement.  Or roller coasters.  You get the idea.  (Man, I sound like a lot of fun, right?!?)

the hubby practicing his cannon ball off of the side of the boat

the beautiful sun-kissed waters of Santorini

Regardless of sailing not being for me, I am really grateful that we got the opportunity to share in this experience.  For us, it was the most beautiful way to experience Santorini – the views of the sea, of Oia and of Santorini were absolutely breathtaking.  But the very best part?  The pictures.  We have a lot of happy memories to look back on and smile about.  (And I get to enjoy all of them from dry land!)


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  1. You’re such a good sport! Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise and trying out a sailing cruise! You did such a great job! And the memories will truly always be special!

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