Paros Bay

Sometimes I can’t help but say, “where did the time go?”  And during our last few days on Paros, I’m pretty sure that I was saying that a lot.  Where did the past month go?  How did all of this time slip through our fingers so quickly?  Can’t we just hit a “slow motion” button on life and get to savor each moment even more?!?

arriving at the beautiful Paros Bay Sea Resort Hotel, where we spent our last few days

I think that in travels past when I felt a sense of time running out, I would suddenly feel slightly (or majorly) panicked and try to pack even more things in.  But as I’ve recently shared with you a shift in our travel taste, when it started to really sink in that we only had less than three days left, we opted to do even less.

To be honest, I can’t even completely remember what we did our last few days on Paros, and I think that that is because it was just a happy mix of nothing and nothing.  We for the most part spent time relaxing at the pool, and…well, yep, that was about it.

Oh wait, I spoke too soon, I do remember that one of the days we wandered about a 10 minute walk away to get some fruity cocktails at a local beach bar.  But really, I think that about sums up our time.  Complete relaxation.

It’s kind of funny actually, because neither myself nor the hubby are particularly good at doing nothing.  Typically at home when we said we had a relaxing day, it still includes work responsibilities, a couple of errands, some cooking projects and making a bunch of phone calls.  So really, this is truly the first time we have really done nothing.  And you know what?  We could get used to this.

It only took us about 10 years to figure out the point of vacation, but here we are, life vacated.  Thank you Greece for teaching us about the ever-so-important art of doing nothing, it was just what we needed.

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  1. The reason 4 weeks went by so fast was because we were having such a fun time together! We’ve truly made some beautiful memories that I’ll always cherish!

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