Montepulciano with the Mr.

It was years ago when I first fell in love with Montepulciano, but I remember it just like it was yesterday.  I showed up late on a Sunday afternoon, during the very hot month of August.  And after several flights, two train rides, and a very hilly bus ride (which most definitely did not agree […]

Istituto Il David, Take Two

After a school experience that wasn’t quite what I was hoping for or expecting, I found myself feeling relieved and excited to be starting a new week in Florence.  And more importantly, to be finding myself back at the Istituto Il David. Who would have thought that finding a good school to study Italian at […]

New Perspectives

I think that it would be easy enough to visit a city that you have been to before, and to visit it in the exact same ways as before – go to the same restaurants, visit the same sites, and walk the same streets.  It’s often all too easy to want to do the sames […]

Nourishing My Soul

In one of the love letters that Ryan wrote to me for while I was in Italy (to enjoy before his arrival), he said, “. . .a new week begins, and with that comes your highly anticipated return to Florence.  I am so happy and excited for you, because I know how deeply you love […]


While in class one day in Lucca, we got the opportunity to ask my teacher Stefano any questions that we had about Italy, about life, or about Lucca.  While this was a great opportunity to learn about some of the regional foods (and some of the best places to eat those foods locally), there was […]

La Vita Lucchese

The air is crisp and cool, and I notice the faint smell of Spring blossoms as I walk.  Every other person that I pass along my way seems to either be enjoying a gelato, or a caffè.  I hear the laughter of children playing, and the resonant ringing of church bells.  The sun falls warmly […]

50 Questions

Roughly two years ago I wrote a blog post (Free Your Mind) about an article that I had come across.  The article was a mental exercise of sorts in self-discovery – 50 questions that you are supposed to answer without hesitation.  There are no right answers, and there are no wrong answers.  It is simply […]

Being the Author

One of the most thought-provoking ideas that I have come across lately, is the concept that you need to be the author of your own life.  I think that this is something that I have thought about in different ways for a long time, but never so clearly.  Be the author of your life.  Narrate […]


So I can’t almost believe this, but to be honest, I think that it has been years since I have done a “Lately” post on the blog.  (Insert my bulging eyes and shocked face here.)  I had always loved doing these posts as a way to catch you guys up with everything going on in […]

Project: Gallery Wall

So guys, I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to basically doing anything in life, I am typically either full-steam ahead, or slightly dragging my feet and putting things off.  I’m either super clean or sometimes (and I hate to admit this, but it’s true), happily messy.  I can be perfectly […]