Paris in the Fall

I can almost remember the exact moment that I first mentioned to Ryan about wanting to visit Paris in the Fall.  It was about nine, maybe even ten years ago, and I was sitting on our bed in our Philadelphia apartment while Ryan was at the desk (most likely playing some sort of video game).  […]

Bonsoir Paris

Arriving in Paris instantly felt like a dream come true.  Truthfully, I had been dreaming about visiting Paris in the Fall for years, and finally, it was here.  I had this picture in my mind of what it would look like – the glittering lights, the falling leaves, the beautiful buildings, the food, the wine […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

One of the earliest memories that I have of my Mom volunteering in my school classroom, was the day that she came in to make us all Pumpkin Pancakes.  In my slightly blurry memories of that day, I feel like I can almost still see her walking in – a cotton turtleneck tucked into jeans, […]

Thanksgiving Decor

With Halloween over, and so many decorations gone along with it, our apartment has started to feel a little bare.  For whatever reason, we’ve always made a point to put up a few decorations for Halloween, but we don’t have anything that we leave up for the rest of Fall and Thanksgiving. And since I […]

13 Months

Things are starting to feel a bit real with my 101 in 1001.  I am about 13 months into this life project, which means that I’m already about a third of the way through it.  Yikes! While I can’t say that I have a favorite completed goal, I can say that my favorite thing about […]

Shake Shack

Last weekend, the newly renovated Westfield UTC mall finally opened it’s doors to it’s very own and highly anticipated Shake Shack.  I am pretty sure that there is a cult-like following for Shake Shack on the East Cost, but out here, us San Diegan’s are pretty die hard for our In-N-Out.  And having been to […]

My Goal

One of the most satisfying things that I have completed from my 101 in 1001 list was number 81: keep the house “company ready” everyday for one month.  I got such great satisfaction out of getting to check that one off of my list last December.  It may seem like a perfectly normal thing to […]


Last week Ryan and I traveled back to Wisconsin to spend the weekend with my family.  To be honest, we were traveling home for some very sad reasons, but somehow being together as a family always seems to put a happy spin on things. There is just something about going home that really puts a […]


I am pretty sure that I say this with just about every recipe that I share with you, but honestly, this is one of my favorite recipes ever.  And also a recipe that I would file under “Mom’s most famous.”  Although I truly loved everything and anything that my Mom made for us growing up, […]


One of the most memorable meals that I had during my first stay in Montepulciano (obviously aside from literally everything that I ate), was a simple tomato bruschetta. I had just finished my Italian classes for the day, and I was wandering around town trying to figure out where to stop for lunch.  I vaguely […]