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  • Shrimp Risotto

    For New Year’s Eve, after a whirlwind 3 weeks out of town, the hubs and I decided to stay in and cook one of our favorites, Shrimp Risotto.  Creamy, sweet, savory, garlicky…this recipe hits all of the right notes and will keep you coming back for more (pretty much until you finish the pot). For […]

  • Life
  • Welcoming the New Year

    Ringing in the New Year, welcoming 2017, starting fresh, however you put it, we had a great time.  In fact, to be honest, I think that the hubs and I enjoyed one of our most favorite (relaxing) New Year’s Eve and Days ever. We were initially just excited by the idea of being home (which […]

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  • Happy New Year

    Don’t you just love this time of year?  Out with the old, in with the new…reminiscing on the past year and looking forward to the New Year…new goals, new dreams, new hopes, new desires?  I love everything that the New Year represents – it gives me new energy and gives me the sensation of a […]

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  • 2016 Highlights

    It’s hard to believe that in a few short days, 2016 is coming to an end.  I think that I say this every year, but I really really mean it this year – this past year has flown by!  But at the same time, we’ve been blessed with a lot of family time, a lot […]

  • Travel
  • Christmas in Wisconsin

    Growing up, having a white Christmas was the norm.  In fact, I can’t remember one childhood Christmas that we didn’t have a fresh blanket of powdery snow covering our yard when I woke up on Christmas morning.  And that was often the first thing I checked.  I would wake up with the excitement of Christmas […]

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  • A Wisconsin Institution

    Wisconsin – home to the Packers, cold snowy winters, frozen custard, cheese curds, cheese heads (including myself), and of course, butter burgers.  Nothing beats coming home, especially for the Holidays.  We can always count on a white Christmas, which also provides us with the childish joy of playing in the snow, long nights in with […]

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  • ¡Adios Madrid!

    8:30 a.m.  Today is our last day in Madrid, and we again chose to have a more lazy start to our day.  Even though we have taken a more relaxed pace to this trip (compared to what we normally do), we both have felt a bit ready for a day of doing nothing (or at […]

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  • Madrid

    5:45 a.m.  A much earlier alarm than we would have liked, but since we planned to catch a train to Madrid today, we wanted to try and make the most of our time. 6:15 a.m.  We checked out of our much adored hotel (read more about our experience here), and we were picked up by […]

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  • Sleeping in Sevilla

    Our welcome to Sevilla couldn’t have been any better.  We immediately fell in love with the colorful buildings and beautiful architecture of the city, and our arrival at our hotel, Las Casas De El Arenal,  just pushed it all over the top.  Aside from being adorably buttercup yellow and decorated with a mix of antiques […]

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  • Exploring Sevilla

    8:30 a.m.   We were late risers this morning after our flamenco show and very late (although normal in Spain) dinner last night, that brought us home at around 12:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. We headed down to breakfast at our hotel, Las Casas De El Arenal, and holy breakfast spread!  They had just about anything […]