Welcoming the New Year

Ringing in the New Year, welcoming 2017, starting fresh, however you put it, we had a great time.  In fact, to be honest, I think that the hubs and I enjoyed one of our most favorite (relaxing) New Year’s Eve and Days ever.

We were initially just excited by the idea of being home (which we are normally not), and so we planned to stay in and keep it a quiet celebration (a.k.a. wearing our pajamas all night).  But after a few days at home, getting settled, unpacked and back into our normal sleep routine, we decided to venture out a little and find ways to celebrate all day long.

On New Year’s Eve, we actually headed out for an early morning Target run and a quick grocery store stop, and we were delightfully surprised to find the stores quiet.  So for the first time in probably years, we wandered through Target (joy!), and then picked up a new game (but childhood favorite) to play during the New Year.

picking up some New Year’s tulips

After spending way too much time at Target (but loving every minute of it), we headed home and prepared one of our favorite things, homemade pizza.  Because, well, why not?  Right?!?  I mean, New Year’s is a day for celebrating, and it was lunch time after all.

After lunch, and while the kitchen was still covered in flour, we did a little dinner prep, and then spent some time cathching up with some family and friends before driving over to Coronado to catch a movie.  On our way to the theater we stopped at MooTime Creamery to pick up an ice cream to share, and then parked just in time to grab our tickets and head in before the rain started.

that is one sassy looking cow

We saw Sing, which was really really cute.  We highly recommend it if you are into children’s movies, laughing, music or having a lot of fun.  Plus, the Village Theater is so freaking cute.  Like seriously ridiculously cute.  Like people clapping and dancing at the end of the movie cute.

After our movie (and dancing), we left the theater and headed home where we put the fireplace on, popped the champagne, got in our jammies and just relaxed for a little bit while watching some Christmas movies.

Had we not gotten hungry, we might have just relaxed ourselves to sleep with a very early bedtime, but eventually the tummies started rumbling.  And so there was only one thing to do (or make)…risotto.  Heavenly, creamy, shrimp risotto.  As my Mom would say, it is like a food from the Gods.  Truly divine perfection.  We cooked, we drank champagne, we pumped up the Italian pop tunes, and then we quieted everything down and we feasted.

Champagne and risotto?  We both agreed that we could easily make this a New Year’s Eve tradition.

And then by the time the risotto was gone, it was practically time for the clock to strike twelve.  Well, actually not at all.  By the time the clock struck ten, we both decided that it was better to go into the New Year with a good night’s rest rather than staying up for staying ups sake.


We awoke to a beautifully cloudy New Year’s day feeling refreshed and ready to conquer 2017, so we decided to head back over to Coronado to go for a beach walk and enjoy the cool fresh morning air.

Funny enough, by the time we got to the beach and started walking, most of the clouds had parted, and it turned into a beautiful and clear Winter’s day.

After a nice long New Year’s Day beach walk, we grabbed our sandals and headed up the road a few blocks to grab some brunch at Clayton’s.

We were lucky enough to grab two seats at the bar without wait, and enjoyed our yummy eggs while listening to the juke box play.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  While eating breakfast, we talked about what else we should do for the rest of the day, and for some reason, for a couple of months now, I have really wanted to go roller skating.  I probably haven’t been since I was maybe 10 years old, but I’ve been feeling like I wanted to try it out again.

So, we went roller skating.  And although we were both pretty horrible and slow, it was so much fun.  And pretty much just like I remember it as a kid.  They had the disco lights on, a limbo contest, and plenty of good music to keep you skating all afternoon.

Pretty much the perfect New Year’s, right?  Good food, good wine, games, movies, roller skating and celebrating it all with my love by my side (and in my pajamas).  Yep, definitely the perfect start to 2017.

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  1. Agreed, it was a perfect New Year’s weekend, although all I ever need for things to be perfect is you by my side!

  2. Clayton’s is on my list.
    Happy New Year, Katie. Thanks for always brightening my 2016.

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