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When planning out my first few days post Italian school, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere where I could just completely relax and check out.  I originally picked out Lake Garda as my destination simply because I thought it looked beautiful, but also for me, there is something so calming about being surrounded by water.

In terms of picking out one of the lake towns and a hotel, well, that was just pure luck.  I had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Continental in Sirmione for four days, and honestly I could have easily stayed all week.

the beautiful view from my terrace

After checking into my room, even though it was almost dinner time, I was eager to get unpacked and explore the grounds.  The concierge had mentioned something of a thermal pool and spa area, and my interests were definitely peaked.

getting all suited up for some spa time

I wasn’t even completely sure what a thermal pool was, but it sounded relaxing, and that was number one on my list.  So for my first night, I enjoyed a glass of wine by the pool, I soaked in the thermal pool, and then I did the complete spa experience – rain shower, steam sauna, ice, dry sauna and salt room.  (Yep, they have this awesome salt room which helps your body re-hydrate after all of the sweating it has done.)  It was the perfect relaxing start to my long weekend with Hotel Continental.

the view from the thermal pool

And the days that followed were nothing short of complete relaxation.  I woke up and truly looked forward to either my room service coffee (one of my favorite travel treats), or heading downstairs to enjoy breakfast outside overlooking the lake.  Aside from the breakfast options being delicious, the service was top notch – all of the waitstaff remembered me almost immediately.  They knew my room number, my coffee order (decaf cappuccino), and were always offering to help carry things for me.

that kiwi was some of the sweetest that I have ever had

I mostly spent my days relaxing by one of the pools, or laying out by the lake.  I even dared to test out the lake waters.  In my head, since the temperatures were already pretty hot (it hovered around 90º), I was anticipating the lake to be mild…but it was still a bit on the icy side for me.

the stairway into the lake

So I kept myself busy with sunning and cooling off in the pool.  I enjoyed a glass of wine here and there, and of course I loved that they always served your drink with a few snacks.

And when I got too hot, I headed into my room for a bit to cool off in the air conditioning.  But somehow I kept finding myself lured out onto the terrace, those sparkling waters were hard to resist.

It was truly a weekend of relaxation.  If I had done nothing but stayed at the resort the entire time, I would have been completely satisfied.  I can see how it is the perfect place for some people to go and disconnect with everyday life, and connect with lake life.  Thank you Hotel Continental for a truly relaxing and beautiful weekend.

my final sunset on the lake

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  1. That water! Amazing.

    1. Thanks Sissy, I agree!

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