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A few weeks ago I heard about an article titled “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind.”  I instantly became intrigued with just the title alone, so I Googled it and found myself fixated on my computer screen, reading through all of the questions and answering them to myself.  The second I finished, I called my husband in and had him answer (aloud), to see how our answers differed.

I find these kind of self-discovery articles and questions so interesting.  I really surprised myself with a lot of my answers – but I also made sure not to give too much thought to my answers, just to go with my gut reaction to the question.  So before you give it anymore thought, head over here to read all 50 questions, and free your mind.


“Always find time for the things

that make you feel happy to be alive.”

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  1. Love this! I’m totally going to do all 50 questions.

    1. Awesome, so glad! It is so much fun!

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