Cowles Mountain


While Cowles Mountain might have a lot of different variations in pronunciation, one thing rings true every time, it’s a great hike.


Just about 20 minutes outside of downtown, Cowles Mountain is a great hike for beginners, families, walkers, runners…everyone!  And that is probably why this hike is so popular.  And when I say popular, I also mean busy.  The trails can get pretty packed on the weekends, so make sure to plan ahead – go early on the weekends, or save it for a weekday.



Make sure to wear a good pair of sneaks – as you can see, you will be hiking on soft ground that can sometimes be a little slippery.


The day we hiked it was super overcast, but it was actually a nice respite from the typical heat that you can get there.

DSC06956   DSC06960 DSC06965

Things started to clear up just a little bit, until we made it to the top, where we were hanging with the clouds.



Even though we didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful views of San Diego from the top, we had a great time getting out and doing something different.

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