All That Glitters is Gold

After yesterdays full day of feasting, I woke up today ready to do a bit more exploring than fooding.  (But don’t worry, there will be food!)  Today was planned to be yet another rainy day, so I figured it might be a good reason to get out of the city and do a little day […]

A Tuscan Walk

Last year when I was in Montepulciano, I only visited the other local towns serviced by a bus (Siena and Pienza), since I did not have a car.  Since the same is true this year, I decided to do a bit of wandering on foot for a different perspective and new experience. I had heard […]

Layover in Florence

Heading from Cinque Terre towards Tuscany, I knew that I would need to change trains in Florence, so I planned for a mini layover to quench my love and passion for Florence.  Why do I love Florence so much, you might wonder?  Well, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but all I know […]

Hiking Cinque Terre

Whew!  Finally sitting.  I am happily writing this back at La Tortuga, enjoying my glass of wine and spuntini (snacks).  To be honest, my whole body is kind of aching.  But why am I feeling this way?  Let me start from the beginning. After an unfortunately rough night of sleep (I woke up at 3 […]

Links I’m Loving

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New York, New York

Our last day in New York started bright and early; hey, the early bird gets the worm, right?  Maybe, but in our case, the early bird gets the bagels…Ess-a-bagel…yum     A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a serious bagel run – we enjoyed a few for breakfast and packed up way too many […]

#NYC Day 2

Our second day in New York started bright and early.  We wanted to make sure to grab some breakfast before a little sight-seeing and a show.  We headed for some grub at Egg Shop.    Egg Shop is really so cute, and we really wanted to love it; but unfortunately the food was really just […]

The Big Apple

Just before it was time to set out cookies for Santa and celebrate Christmas, the Mr. and I jetted into the City to have a few days of relaxation.  Well, I should clarify, New York style relaxation.  And for us that really just means that we walked as much as our feet could take and […]


“One minute to midnight One minute to go One minute to say good-bye Before we say hello” ~ Bing Crosby Anyone else love this Bing Crosby song?  (It’s famous from the movie Holiday Inn, which if you like White Christmas at all, my guess is you would love Holiday Inn.)  I just love the lyrics […]