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  • City of Brotherly Love

    Since we were heading East for Thanksgiving this year, I figured that I might as well try and add a few extra stops to see some family and friends who live on the East Coast.  Before turkey time in Virginia, I flew into Philadelphia for a few days, and boy was I excited.  But seriously, […]

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  • Crystal Bay

    Even though our first few days on Koh Samui were mostly comprised of sunning and swimming, our time flew by.  What felt like the blink of an eye was actually time to change hotels and our location on the Island.  We headed a little bit South to a very small area called Crystal Bay.  Home […]

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  • Island Time

    Exploring, wandering, cooking and eating done in Chiang Mai, the time had come to head South to Koh Samui.  And honestly, after 2 weeks of urban traveling, the hubs and I were beyond ready to spend a full week doing nothing but some serious r&r on the beach. Flying into Koh Samui, our excitement was […]

  • In the Kitchen with Katie
  • Cooking in Chiang Mai

    One of the things that the hubby and I were most excited about doing while in Chiang Mai was taking a full day cooking class.  We both love food and cooking (which you have clearly picked up on by now), and getting to learn how to cook Thai food and bring that skill home with […]

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  • Onwards

    It almost felt as if our trip had just begun when it was time to move on from Bangkok and move ahead on our journey, heading north to Chiang Mai.  We had an absolutely blissful experience flying Bangkok Airways (think lounge access, fresh tropical fruit on the flight and amazing customer service…nothing like what you […]

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  • Bangkok Flower Market

    If you are looking for something a little different to do in Bangkok, and perhaps you have already had your fill of Temples (yes, it is possible to become Templed out), then I have just the thing for you, the flower market. A little further from the main sites, across the river, and seemingly unknown […]

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  • Templing through Thailand

    Before the hubs and I left for Thailand, we got a lot of questions about what we were going to do while abroad (aside from eating of course).  Temples.  Lots and lots of Temples.  Thailand is filled with an innumerable amount of Temples (actually there are 40,171 temples to be exact). The Temples are a […]

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  • A Walk in the Park

    Today we walked 20 miles.  I kid you not.  I don’t really know if I am excited or kind of feel like I want to die.  I told my husband that if we had only walked a few more miles we could have joked that we were marathoners, right?  I mean, can you say that […]

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  • Bangkok: Street Food Paradise

    Just as we do for any trip that we are taking, before we left for Thailand, we did a bunch of research on where to eat and what to eat.  The hubs and I both come from a long line of “you don’t want to miss a good meal” type of people, and we are […]

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  • Thailand

    Well, we are home now, we have finally recovered from our jet-lag, and we are seriously missing Thailand.  Missing Thailand?  Did I ever think that I would miss Thailand?  I’m not completely sure.  But after 3 weeks of traveling and experiencing all of the beauties of Thailand, we both feel so blessed and grateful for […]