Museum of Man

During our many runs and walks through Balboa Park, the Mr. and I have often admired the beautiful exterior and resonant bell tower of the Museum of Man.  So this past week we decided it was time to stop running by, and pop in for a visit. The museum is very cute and has lots […]

Rave Run: Balboa Park

I love changing up my runs, but time and time again, my go to run is in Balboa Park.  The park itself is beautiful – filled with palm trees, flowers, and amazing architecture.  I feel like I notice something new every time I go for a run.  There are also so many different routes and […]

Go, Go, Go Car!

If you live in San Diego, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen these snappy little Go Car’s racin’ around town. These 3 wheeled scooter meets go-carts are such a fun way to tour San Diego, even for locals like us.  We felt a bit like we had our own Gadgetmobile, or KITT…our […]

Rave Run: Coronado

San Diego is home to so many beautiful places to run, walk, bike or stroll.  We are surrounded by parks, the bay, the ocean, and endless beaches.  Every day can offer you a new and different backdrop for some outdoor activity. When I’m looking to change up my run, I head over to Coronado.  Beautiful […]

Summer Drink, Al Fresco

For some reason after-work cocktails always feel more fun in the Summer.  The warmer weather, the longer nights, sandals and sunglasses…it all makes for a great night. While San Diego has a ton of great options, during the Summer, we prefer places with outdoor seating and great views for watching those beautiful California sunsets.  Here […]


Giving back is something that is very important to me.  I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and wonderful life, and if I can share with others, that means a lot to me.  In recent months I have been making more of an effort to donate food to the needy in our community, […]

Summer Fun

Are you looking for something to brighten up your weekend, or change up your Summer routine?  San Diego has so many great things to keep you busy all Summer long.  Here are some of my favorite things to do during the Summer: 1. Head to the beach!  My favorite beach in San Diego is Coronado.  […]

Cinema Little Italy

Last Saturday night, I headed out for one of my summertime favorites, Cinema Little Italy.  Every Saturday (all summer long) Cinema Little Italy along with the Little Italy Association, put on outdoor Italian films at Amici Park.  The films they pick are always great, and it’s just a fun way to be a part of […]

Hillcrest Farmers Market

San Diego is home to countless farmers market.  On any given day of the week, there are at least 4 different farmers markets open, selling the best local produce and goods.  We are definitely really lucky to have such variety and choice when it comes to markets.  The Mr. and I have made a point […]