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  • The Best Truffle Pizza

    A few weeks ago we visited one of our favorite Italian restaurants in San Diego, Cucina Urbana.  And to be honest, we pretty much knew in advance that we would order the same things that we always do.  But…to our surprise, the menu had changed a little bit.  It felt like it had been years […]

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  • Panzanella di Fiorella

    Remember when I got to call Tuscany home last Spring? (Sigh)  First of all, just saying that gives me serious urges to go back…but, the point is, while I was traveling and studying (and eating), I made a point to write down all of the recipes that I loved, or at least notate a guestimate […]

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  • Sesame Cauliflower

    The Mr. and I actually eat meatless most days of the week, not on purpose, it’s just what happens to appeal to us most.  However, we don’t go out of our way to create a substitution for a dish that would have been meat filled, we’ll just end up eating meat on those days (aside […]

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  • 7 Hour Lasagne

    When we have company over, I try to make an effort to cook something different and a little more special than I would normally cook.  A few weeks ago, the weather was cool and rainy, and lasagne was really calling to me.  There was a recipe that my brother-in-law made for us once that was […]

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  • Valentine’s Day Recap

    I hope that you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend; Valentine’s Day, and also I know that some of you got a holiday on Monday for President’s Day.  We got really lucky with weather over the weekend, and basically sat in the 80’s everyday (sorry East Coast) – it was great to have such gorgeous […]

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  • Pasta alla Norcina

    The hubs and I are both big fans of the America’s Test Kitchen cooking show on PBS.  We are fascinated by how methodical and particular they are about everything – you almost get the feeling that there is no way cooking a recipe from the show could go wrong.  They definitely try to foolproof all […]

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  • Marmellata di Susine

    Inspired by my recent travels through Italy and David Lebovitz’s Mirabelle Jam, I decided to whip up a batch of homemade plum jam.  When the Mr. and I went apple picking a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon an Italian Plum tree, Susine plums to be exact (a variety that is grown in Montepulciano).  The […]

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  • Cooking in Tuscany

    One of the highlights of my Italian adventure that I have not yet shared with you, was taking the most amazing cooking class with Assunta; a sweet local chef who owns an adorable B&B right outside of Montepulciano. Assunta’s class is different than any other I have taken – she actually lets you decide the […]

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  • Homemade Applesauce

    One of my favorite Fall flavors is applesauce.  Beyond the amazing flavor, I love that it makes the whole house smell warm and inviting.  Over the years I have tried several different recipes, but they always had tons of sugar in them.  So I decided to try and make my own recipe.  With a bit […]

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  • Homemade Bread

    A few years ago, my brother-in-law mentioned that he started making homemade bread.  My thoughts we’re something like, “what!?!?!  homemade bread!?!?  how do you have time for that?  that sounds so complicated!”  He assured me that it was none of the above, and would only take a few minutes of my day.  He tried to […]